The Myth of Funemployment

It’s a tragic reality for nearly eight percent of all Americans.  What used to be an expectation for bright, hard working, driven, talented young adults is now a far-fetched hope.  Employment is a right, not a gift.  And so many people who are reading this post are the unlucky many whose future hangs in the […]

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The Case for Moral Objectivity

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on moral objectivity.  I’ve gotten some pushback from a few people that I have great admiration for, which has inspired me to re-examine my own convictions.  Before I go any further, I’m going to show my cards. First and foremost, I am a moral realist.  […]

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The New Normal: Reforming Sexual Ethics for Global Justice

For several decades, sexual ethics has been the subject of critical scrutiny and careful revision within the academy, seminary, pulpit, pew, and bedroom.  And for a very good reason.  With the rise of women’s liberation and the slow, but steady momentum gained by the bold and brave activists of the queer community, people are beginning […]

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