The Beginning is Near!

Our world is pregnant with possibility, despite being suffused with suffering.

One of the hardest things for me to do is to wait.  And waiting in the midst of hardship can be so painfully cruel.  All the time, it seems that we find ourselves waiting.  Waiting for an answer.  Waiting for a better opportunity to emerge on the horizon.  Waiting for new life.  Waiting for new love.  Waiting for a cure.

One of the worst – and easiest – things to do when we are waiting is to grow weary and impatient.  We can grow so weary and impatient that we begin to take matters into our own hands when some things are just simply out of our control.  As someone who loves to take control and make everything right, resigning to the fact that I cannot make everything good and better and perfect is very frustrating.  And so, I sit and wait in frustration.

And frustration begins to put in a wedge in all of my relationships, including my relationship with God.  It is so easy in the midst of our impatience to forget the promise of God’s providence.  God cares for us and loves us in such an incredibly intimate way.  We hear this all the time, but do we lavishly bask in the reassurance that God is with us?

Advent is a season of return as much as it is a season of waiting.  The journey to Bethlehem is a metaphor for our return to God, our acknowledgement that we need God and the gift of salvation that God freely gives us and that we cannot be in control of everything. Advent also invites us to contemplate God as a screaming, crying, vulnerable infant – desperately in need of the love, care, and support of human beings, God’s own flesh and blood.  God is not above and beyond us – but with us every single step of the way.

God waits with us.  When we return to God, we find freedom in the waiting.  The waiting period becomes a gestating period.  And, together, we can give birth to new possibilities that we would have never before imagined.

Our world is pregnant with possibility, despite being suffused with suffering.

Because God is with us, the beginning is near!




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